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UCSF Radiation Oncology

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Key Personnel

Up-to-date contact information for all staff members can be found in the UCSF-wide directory

Academic Administration

Director - Laurae Pearson
*Dept Finance Manager - Vacant
*Dept Operations Manager - Alan Taniguchi

Clinic Administration

Director - Fay Cinco Murray
**Clinic Practice Manager - Gita Patel

*Physics Manager - Barby Pickett
**Hospital physicist - Aaron Gracia
**Hospital physicist - Devan Krishnamurthy
**Hospital physicist - Michael Lometti

*Technical Manager - Pam Akazawa
**Chief Therapist (Mt-Zion) - Marina Miranda-Afable
**Chief Therapist (Long) - Sherman Lim

*Administrative Nurse - Troy Buckmeier

Research Administration

Director - Vickie Lewis
*Dept Finance Manager - Vacant
** Research Services Supervisor - Vacant

Information Technology

Director - Laurae Pearson
* Technical Manager - Pam Akazawa
** System Manager - Tuan Ly
** QA-Imaging Analyst & Webmaster - Michèle Aubin


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