Justin D Phillips, PhD

Justin Phillips, PhD

Educational Background

Medical physics resident, UC San Francisco (2015-2017)

Post Doctoral Research, Medical Physics, Harvard University (MGH) (2012-2015)

Ph.D., Physics, Boston University (2005-2012)

B.S., Physics, University of Illinois at Urbana­-Champaign (2001-2005)

Selected Publications and Abstracts

Yang-Kyun Park, Gregory C. Sharp, Justin Phillips, and Brian A. Winey, Proton dose calculation on scatter-corrected CBCT image: Feasibility study for adaptive proton therapy, Med. Phys. 42, 4449 (2015).

J. Phillips, G. Gueorguiev, J.A. Shackleford, C. Grassberger, S. Dowdell, H. Paganetti, G.C. Sharp, Computing proton dose to irregularly moving targets, Phys Med Bio, 59 : 4261 (2014).

R. A. Ryan, et al., Design and operation of a cryogenic charge­ integrating preamplifier for the MuSun experiment, Journal of Instrumentation, 9 : P07029 (2014).

D.M. Webber, et al., Measurement of the Positive Muon Lifetime and Determination of the Fermi Constant to Part­-per-­Million Precision, Phys. Rev. Lett., 106 : 041803 (2011).

Conferences and Presentations

4D Treatment Planning Workshop, Berkshire, United Kingdom (2014), Poster Presentation: Effects of Tumor Motion on Proton Dose Calculation.

2014 AAPM Annual Meeting, Austin, TX, USA (2014), Poster Presentation: Analysis of GI Dose Variability Due to Intrafraction Setup Variance.

2013 AAPM Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, IN, USA (2013), Oral Presentation: Computing Proton Dose to Irregularly Moving Targets.

Workshop: Physics of Fundamental Symmetries and Interactions (2010), Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen, Switzerland.