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Gilmer Valdes, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Division of Physics
Department of Radiation Oncology

Chess player, climber, chill

Meet Dr. Valdes

For my clinical work, I love to help people in need. One of my biggest pleasure in life is to think that we might have put a smile on a whole family by curing a patient. In my research, I just love to understand ideas and their connection.

After completing doctoral training in medical physics, I completed a fellowship and clinical residency in Therapeutic Medical Physics. My work during my early training focused on development of machine learning algorithms and advanced modeling to predict patient outcomes and tailor treatments based on the type and quality of data available (particularly for prostate cancer patients), and more recently, on development of methods that permit inspection and interpretation of machine learning models (MediBoost, The Additive Tree, Expert Augmented Machine Learning). Since joining the UCSF faculty, I have worked to develop machine learning algorithms tailored to medicine. I was fortunate to have recently been awarded an NLM K08 to support my work to develop accurate and interpretable machine learning algorithms and apply them in a range of clinical situations.  This work is going to be the focus of my career.



2001-2005 University of Havana BS  
2005-2007 University of Havana MS Radiochemistry
2007-2013 University of California, Los Angeles PhD Biomedical Physics
2014-2016 University of Pennsylvania Therapeutic Medical Physics Resident Radiation Oncology
Professional Experience

Professional Experience

2016-present University of California, San Francisco Assistant Clinical Professor Radiation Oncology
2013-2014 University of California, San Francisco Postdoctoral Fellow Radiation Oncology

Awards & Honors

2006 Suma Cum Laude, Higher Institute of Applied Science and Technologies (InSTEC)
2009 Nomination to the Best Young Researcher Award, Cuban Academy of Science
2010 Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship, University of California
2012 Best Oral Presentation, Biomedical Physics Symposium, University of California
2012 Research Supplements to Promote Diversity in Health-Related Research, NIH
2013 First Place, Best Graduate Student Norm Baily Award, AAPM Southern California Chapter
2015 First Place, Young Investigator Award, AAPM Delaware Chapter


Recent Significant Publications

G. Valdes, J M Lunas, Earic Eaton, C B Simone, Lyle H Ungar and T D Solberg. “MediBoost: a Patient Stratification Tool for Interpretable Decision Making in the Era of Precision Medicine.” Scientific Reports 6. Article Number: 37854. November 2016.

G. Valdes, T.D. Solberg, M. Heskel, L.H. Ungar,, C.B. Simone. “Using machine learning to predict radiation pneumonitis in patients with stage I non-small cell lung cancer treated with stereotactic body radiation therapy.” PMB, Volume 61, N 16. 2016.

G. Valdes, R. Scheuermann, M. Bellerive, A. Olszanski, C. Hung, T. D. Solberg. A mathematical framework for virtual IMRT QA using machine learning.. Accepted for publication at Medical Physics. June 2016.

G. Valdes, O. Morin, Y. Valenciaga, N. Kirby, J. Pouliot, C. Chuang “Use of True Beam developer mode for Imaging QA.” J Appl Clin Med Phys, 6(4):322-333, 2015.

M. Takahashi*, G. Valdes*, K. Hiraoka, A. Inagaki, S. Kamijima, E. Micewicz, H.E. Gruber, J.M. Robbins, D.J. Jolly, W.H. McBride, K.S. Iwamoto, N. Kasahara . “Radiosensitization of gliomas by intracellular generation of 5-fluorouracil potentiates prodrug activator gene therapy with a retroviral replicating vector. Cancer Gene Therapy. (10):405-10, 2014 *Co-first authors

G. Valdes, C. Robinson, P. Lee, D. Low, K Iwamoto, J. Lamb.Tumor control probability and the utility of 4D vs 3D dose calculations for stereotactic body radiotherapy for lung cancer. Med Dosim, 40(1):64-9, 2014.

G Valdes, R. Schulte, M Ostermeier, K S Iwamoto. “The High-affinity Maltose Switch MBP317-347 has Low Affinity for Glucose: Implications for Targeting Tumors with Metabolically-Directed Enzyme Prodrug Therapy.” Chem Biol & Drug Design. 83(3):266-71, 2014. (COVER OF MARCH ISSUE).

G Valdes and K.S. Iwamoto. Re-evaluation of cellular radiosensitization by 5- fluorouracil: High-dose, pulsed administration is effective and preferable to conventional low-dose, chronic administration”. Int J Radiat Biol. 89(10):851-62, 2013.

G. Valdés-Díaz, S. Rodríguez-Calvo, M. Rapado-Paneque, A. Pérez-Gramatges, F. A. Fernández, E. Frota, C. Ribeiro. Effects of gamma radiation on phase behaviour and critical micelle concentration of Triton X-100 aqueous solutions.J Colloid and Interface Science 311:253-261,2007.

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