Shane Lloyd, MD, PhD

Shane Lloyd

Educational Background

Radiation Oncology Residency, University of California, San Francisco (2016-2020)

Transitional Year Internship, Bassettt Medical Center - Columbia University (2016)

M.D., Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine (2015)

Ph.D. (Cell and Molecular Biology), Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine (2013)

B.S. (Pharmacology), The University of British Columbia (2007)

Awards & Honors

John W. Kreider Award for Research and Academic Excellence: Penn State University (2015)

Robert B. Spieth M4 Oncology Excellence Award: Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute (2015)

Judith Bond Award for Top Graduating M.D./Ph.D. Student: Penn State University (2014)

Medical Student Fellowship in Radiation Oncology: University of California, San Francisco (2014)

Robert B. Spieth M3 Oncology Excellence Award: Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute (2014)

Keystone National M.D./Ph.D. Conference Award: Penn State M.D./Ph.D. Program (2014)

Young Investigator Travel Award: American Society for Bone and Mineral Research (2013)

Alumni Society Endowed Scholarship: Penn State College of Medicine Alumni Society (2013)

Frisbey International Student Award: Penn State University, Office of Global Programs (2013)

Alice L. Jee Young Investigator Award: International Bone and Mineral Society (2012)

Travel Grant, Oxford University Ph.D. Training Course: European Calcified Tissue Society (2012)

Judith Bond Award for Top Preclinical M.D./Ph.D. Student: Penn State University (2010)

Anderson Memorial Prize for Top Pharmacology Graduate: University of British Columbia (2007)

NASA Spaceflight and Life Sciences Training Grant: Canadian Space Agency (2004)

Provincial Excellence Award: Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation (2002)

Chancellor’s Major Entrance Scholarship: University of British Columbia (2002)

Selected Publications and Abstracts

Raleigh DR, Solomon DA, Lloyd SA, Lazar A, Tihan T, Sneed PK, Clarke JL, McDermott MW, Berger MS, Haas-Kogan DA. (2016) Histopathologic review of pineal parenchymal tumors according to contemporary diagnostic criteria identifies novel morphologic variants and predictive factors for outcome. [In Preparation]

Lloyd SA, Morony SE, Ferguson VL, Simske SJ, Stodieck LS, Warmington KS, Livingston EW, Lacey DL, Kostenuik PJ, Bateman TA. (2015) Osteoprotegerin in an effective countermeasure for spaceflight-induced bone loss in mice. Bone. 81:562-72, PMID: 26318907.

Raleigh DR, Varenika V, Lloyd SA, Haas-Kogan DA. (2014) Clinical management and molecular features of low- to intermediate-grade pineal parenchymal tumors. Treatment Strategies-Oncology.

Lloyd SA, Loiselle AE, Zhang Y, Donahue HJ. (2014) Evidence for a Contribution of Connexin 43-Mediated Intercellular Communication to the Process of Intracortical Bone Resorption via Osteocytic Osteolysis. BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 15(1):122. PMID: 24716486.

Lloyd SA, Loiselle AE, Zhang Y, Donahue HJ. (2014) Shifting Paradigms on the Role of Connexin 43 in The Skeletal Response to Mechanical Load. J Bone Miner Res. 29(2):275-86. PMID: 24588015.

Lloyd SA, Zhang Y, Paul EM, Laufenberg LJ, Lang CH, Donahue HJ. (2013) Interdependence of Muscle Atrophy and Bone Loss Induced by Mechanical Unloading. J Bone Miner Res. 29(5):1118-30. PMID: 24127218.

Loiselle AE, Lloyd SA, Paul EM, Lewis GS, Donahue HJ. (2013) Inhibition of GSK-3β Rescues the Impairments in Bone Formation and Mechanical Properties Associated with Fracture Healing in Osteoblast Selective Connexin 43 Deficient Mice. PLoS One. Nov 8;8(11), PMID: 24260576.

Lloyd SA, Ferguson VS, Simske SJ, Dunlap AW, Livingston EW, Bateman TA. (2013) Housing in the Animal Enclosure Module Spaceflight Hardware Increases Trabecular Bone Mass in Ground-Control Mice. Gravit Space Biol. 1(1):1-19.

Lloyd SA, Loiselle AE, Zhang Y, Donahue HJ. (2013) Connexin 43 Deficiency Desensitizes Bone to the Effects of Mechanical Unloading through Modulation of Both Arms of Bone Remodeling. Bone. 57(1):76-83, PMID: 23891909.

Willey JS, Lloyd SA, Bateman TA. (2013) Radiation Therapy-Induced Osteoporosis in Primer on the Metabolic Bone Diseases and Disorders of Mineral Metabolism, 8th Edition edited by CJ Rosen and JE Compston. Wiley-Blackwell 728-733, ISBN: 1118453883.

Lloyd SA, Bandstra ER, Willey JS, Riffle SE, Tirado-Lee L, Nelson GA, Pecaut MJ, Bateman TA. (2012) Effect of proton irradiation followed by hindlimb unloading on bone in mature mice: a model of long-duration spaceflight. Bone. 51(4):756-64. PMID: 22789684.

Lloyd SA, Lewis GS, Zhang Y, Paul EM Donahue HJ. (2012) Connexin 43 deficiency attenuates loss of trabecular bone and prevents suppression of cortical bone formation during unloading. J Bone Miner Res. 27(11):2359-72, PMID: 22714552.

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Lloyd SA, Simske SJ, Bogren LK, Olesiak SE, Bateman TA, Ferguson VF. (2011) Effects of Combined Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 and Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor on the Skeletal Properties of Mice. In Vivo. 25(3):297-305, PMID: 21576402.

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