Shannon Fogh

Shannon Fogh MD

Shannon E. Fogh, M.D.

Associate Professor

UCSF Bridges Curriculum Clinical Microsystem
Clerkship (CMC) site director, UCSF Health

Associate Program Director

Department of Radiation Oncology
University of California, San Francisco
505 Parnassus Avenue, Room L-08
San Francisco, CA 94143-0226
Phone: 415 353-8950
Fax: 415-353-8679

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Professional Focus

Dr. Shannon Elizabeth Fogh is a radiation oncologist who specializes in the treatment of CNS and pediatric malignancies. She specializes in the use of Gamma Knife, CyberKnife, intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) and total body irradiation (TBI) to treat a variety of malignant and benign conditions. Dr. Fogh’s research interests are centered on development of emerging radiotherapeutic and biologic techniques in CNS and pediatric tumors aimed at reducing the toxicities of treatment resulting in improved quality of life and preservation of neurocognitive function for her patients. She is also interested in the development of interventions to treat side effects associated with radiation treatment and is the co-chair of a national study, RTOG 1012, examining the efficacy of Manuka honey in preventing esophagitis. She is dedicated to implementing opportunities for quality improvement and other projects aimed at delivering effective, safe and efficient patient care.


1994 - 1999

University of Washington, Seattle, WA



1999 - 2001

Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA

MS Medical Science
2001 - 2005

Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, MA

MD Medicine
2005 - 2006

Mt. Auburn Hospital; Harvard Medical School

Intern Internal Medicine
2006 - 2010

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital

Resident Radiation Oncology
2009 - 2010 Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Chief Resident Radiation Oncology

Professional Experience

2010-2017 UCSF Assistant Professor Radiation Oncology
2017-Present UCSF Associate Professor Radiation Oncology

Awards & Honors

2001 Langdon Parsons Scholarship, Boston, Massachusetts
2002 Boston University School of Medicine Summer Research Scholarship, Boston, Massachusetts
2005 RSNA Trainee Research Prize, Chicago, Illinois
2007 Travel Grant and Scholarship, Breast Cancer “Current Controversies” Boston, Massachusetts
2008 Travel Grant, 10th Annual Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium, Chicago, Illinois
2009 AACR/ASCO Methods in Clinical Cancer Research Workshop, Vail, Colorado
2009 Travel Grant, ASTRO Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois
2009 Travel Grant, ASTRO Spring Refresher Course , San Diego, California


Recent Significant Publications :

S. Fogh, G. Kubiceck, C. Champ, C. Intenzo, R. Axelrod, W. Keane, M. Machtay. Value of FDG PET for Detecting Metastatic Lesions in Head and Neck Cancer. American Journal of Clinical Oncology. Manuscript in press.

S. Fogh, G. Kubicek, R. Axelrod, R. Anne, A. Berger. Do Elderly. Patients Experience Increased Perioperative Morbidity and Mortality When Given Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation (CRT) Prior to Esophagectomy?International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics. Manuscript in press.

Kubicek GJ, Axelrod RS, Machtay M, Ahn PH, Anne PR, Fogh S, Cognetti D, Myers TJ, Curran WJ Jr, Dicker AP. Phase I Trial Using the Proteasome Inhibitor Bortezomib and Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy for Head-and-Neck Malignancies. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2012 Jan 13.

Ma L, Lee L, Barani I, Hwang A, Fogh S, Nakamura J, McDermott M, Sneed P, Larson DA, Sahgal A. Shot sequencing based on biological equivalent dose considerations for multiple isocenter Gamma Knife radiosurgery.Phys Med Biol. 2011 Nov 21;56(22):7247-56.

S. Fogh, C. Glass, D. Andrews, M. Werner-Wasik. Multiple Courses of Stereotactic Re-Irradiation Are Tolerable: A Case Report of a Long-Term Survivor with Recurrent Oligodendroglioma. Journal of Medical Case Reports. 2011 May 14;5:183.

S. Fogh, A. Hirsch, J. Langmead, S. Goldberg, A. Taghian, S. Powell, L. Kachnic. Use of Tamoxifen With Post-Surgical Irradiation May Improve Survival in Estrogen and Progesterone Receptor Positive Male Breast Cancer. Clinical Breast Cancer. 2011 Mar;11(1):39-45.

Fogh SE, Yu A, Kubicek GJ, Scott W, Mitchell E, Rosato EL, Berger AC. Do elderly patients experience increased perioperative or postoperative morbidity or mortality when given neoadjuvant chemoradiation before esophagectomy? Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2011 Aug 1;80(5):1372-6.

G. Kubicek, C. Champ, S. Fogh, F. Wang, E. Reddy, C. Intenzo, R. Dusing, M. Machtay. FDG-PET staging and importance of lymph node SUV in head and neck cancer. Head Neck Oncol. 2010 Jul 16;2:19.

S. Fogh, C. Glass, B. Carry, D. Andrews, J. Glass, B. Downes, A. Dicker, M. Werner-Wasik. Hypofractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy as Salvage Therapy for Recurrent Low-Grade Glioma. J Clin Oncol. 2010 Jun 20;28(18):3048-53.

S. Fogh, L. Doyle, A. Yu, J. Li, P. Weiner, D. Suh, E. Comber, A.P. Dicker, Y. Yu, Y. Xiao, A. Harrison. A Comparison of Pre-Plan Trans Rectal Ultrasound to Pre-Plan CT in Assessing Volume and Number of Seeds Needed for Real-Time Ultrasound Based Intra-Operative Planning in Prostate 125I Seed Implantation. Brachytherapy. 2010 Oct-Dec;9(4):335-40.

Fogh S, Machtay M, Werner-Wasik M, Curran WJ Jr, Bonanni R, Axelrod R, Andrews D, Dicker AP. Phase I trial using patupilone (epothilone B) and concurrent radiotherapy for central nervous system malignancies. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2010 Jul 15;77(4):1009-16.