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Rachael Conger

Rachael Conger, MD



  • Radiation Oncology Residency, University of California San Francisco (2026)
  • Internship, Aurora Transitional Year Residency Program, Milwaukee, WI (2022)
  • M.D., Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI (2021)
  • B.S., History with honors, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI (2015)

Awards & Honors 

  • Cream City Foundation LGBTQ+ Scholarship for students who demonstrate exceptional commitment to public service that has been dedicated to equality, human rights, and social justice for all people, with particular emphasis on efforts within the LGBTQ community (September 2020)
  • Tom R. Hodges, M.D. Annual Scholarship for third‐ and fourth‐year medical students who demonstrate financial need (2020)
  • Daisy Award Nomination for an Extraordinary Nurse–received during internal medicine third year medical student rotation while at the Zablocki VA Medical Center (January 2020)
  • Jane Goddard Scholarship for Humanities majors who demonstrate academic excellence, community service, leadership, diversity, strength of character, and creative accomplishment (2014)

Selected Publications and Abstracts


  • R Conger, R Treat, S Hofmeister. The importance of correctional healthcare curriculum in medical education. Journal of Correctional Health Care.Apr 2022.84‐89.

  • R Conger, Angels of Mercy: A Gendered Analysis of American Nurses in the Philippines. 2016. Report: West Point Undergraduate Historical Review. 6.2: 13‐24.


  • R Conger, J Mora*, H Dong, B Erickson, M Straza, C Lawton, C Schultz, A Currey, M Siker, M Bedi, H Saeed, S Tsai, WA Hall. Evolution in the Presence and Evidence Category of Radiation Therapy Treatment Recommendations in National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology. Poster presentation, ASTRO Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL. October 2021 *These authors contributed equally to this project

  • R Conger, R Treat, S Hofmeister. The importance of correctional healthcare curriculum in medical education. Poster presentation at Medical College of Wisconsin Scholarly Pathways M3 Scholarship Forum, Milwaukee, WI, June 2020. Poster presentation at STFM Conference on Medical Student Education, February 2021. Poster presentation at Medical College of Wisconsin Family and Community Medicine Annual Research Forum, Milwaukee, WI, Spring 2021.

  • H Tolo, R Conger, V Magana, S Polhemus, J Smoko, S La Bodda, S Pfister. Medical Students Take Lead to Educate Faculty on the Use of Sex and Gender Terminology in Pre‐clinical Courses. Oral presentation at Sex and Gender Health Education (SGHE) Summit, Philadelphia, PA, September 2020.

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