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Grand Rounds

The purpose and educational objectives of Radiation Oncology Grand Rounds are to educate practicing radiation oncologists, residents and fellows, and other health care professionals, in the field of Radiation Oncology. The educational content is primarily clinical care topics, including clinical skills and case presentations.

How to Connect to the Conference:

  • From Jabber or a registered UCSF video conference system the Video Conference Bridge Number is 551814494 (max of 8 video participants)
  • If you don’t have a Jabber account, please open a ticket with central IT at help.ucsf.edu and request a Jabber account
  • Participants from non-registered UCSF video conference system or outside UCSF, please dial 551814494@ucsf.edu

Note: Ask me or Keith for password on Vimeo


Date Name Title Video
03/29/16 Dr. Lawrence Kaplan Systemic therapy for lymphoma Vimeo
03/28/16 Dr. Nalin Gupta Surgical considerations for pediatric brain tumors Vimeo
03/14/16 Dr. Jeffrey Wolfe Multiform Myeloma Vimeo


Date Name Title Video
12/04/15 Dr. Alina Uzelac Skull Base Imaging Vimeo
11/24/15 Dr. William Ryan Post-Treatment Surveillance for H&N Cancers Vimeo
11/20/15 Dr. Sophia Bornstein Novel Prognostic and Therapeutic Strategies for Head & Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Vimeo
11/13/15 Dr. Christine Glastonbury Nodes: Normal Anatomy and Imaging Features Vimeo
10/16/15 Dr. Thierry Jahan Chemotherapy for Sarcomas Vimeo
9/22/15 Dr. Stephanie Ueda Uterine/Cervical Cancer Vimeo
8/24/15 Dr. Mack Roach High-Risk Prostate Cancer Vimeo


Date Name Title Video
Coming soon — The videos are being transferred to Vimeo

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