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UCSF Radiation Oncology – Annual Course for 2021:

UCSF Radiation Oncology Update: Predicting Benefit from Advanced Radiation Technologies

Live Stream April 23-24, 2021


This year’s course is focused on the role of advanced technologies in radiation oncology, especially the challenging issue of selecting patients who stand to benefit most. The course will feature discussions of IMRT, SBRT, particle therapy, innovations in MRI.  We will also discuss proposed clinical, radiologic and biologic selection methods which are gaining importance as systemic therapies become increasingly tolerable, potent, and complex. This course offers numerous practical case-based review sessions allowing for self-assessment and interaction with expert panelists.

At the end of this activity, attendees should be able to:

• Describe molecular, immunologic, and imaging-based stratification of brain tumors.

• Integrate hormone therapy and precise radiation therapy in treating prostate cancer.

• Cite 3 major recent findings related to immunotherapy and oncogene addiction in lung cancer.

• Name 3 predictors of breast cancer response.

• Describe the current status of proton therapy.

• Name two ways to reduce morbidity in head and neck cancer patients.

• Identify MR predictors of prognosis and early response in gastrointestinal cancer.