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This year’s course theme is patient-centered care. Despite ever-advancing technology, patients remain at the center of everything we do. This year’s course will feature discussions that focus on how novel technologies such as IMRT, SBRT, and other advanced technical – and imaging-based planning and treatment approaches can benefit patients. We will discuss state-of-the-art radiotherapy treatment planning approaches in concordance with major guidelines and the most recent scientific evidence, with an emphasis on how their application can be applied to patients and how they can be used in shared decision making with patients. There will also be discussions of quality-of-life-oriented approaches which may enhance a course of radiation-based care. These include integrative medicine, supportive care, and patient-reported outcomes and interventions. As usual, this course offers numerous practical case-based review sessions allowing for self-assessment and interaction with expert panelists.

At the end of this activity, attendees should be able to:
• Describe molecular, immunologic, and imaging-based stratification of brain tumors.
• Employ the major classes of radiation therapy techniques in treating prostate cancer.
• Describe local therapy management principles and techniques for liver tumors.
• Name 3 major techniques that can be used in designing a course of breast radiation therapy.
• Describe 3 major types of of integrative medicine and how they relate to radiation oncology.
• Name 3 ways to make quality-of-life assessments more meaningful in breast and head and neck cancer patients.
• Name 3 ways molecular characterization is affecting diagnosis, management, and surveillance of head and neck cancer patients.
• Cite 3 major new findings related to eligibility for SBRT and systemic therapies in lung cancer patients.

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