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Breast Cancer

UCSF offers several treatment options for breast cancer patients. Traditional external beam radiation therapy is the first line treatment for most types of breast cancer.

Your personalized care begins with your physician consultation. This visit takes one to two hours to complete. At that visit, your doctor will perform a comprehensive medical examination and take your medical history. She will discuss the best treatment options for your breast cancer. You will have ample time to discuss your treatment plan and your alternatives. Your treatment plan will be devised based on your stage, aggressiveness of your tumor and lymph node status, utilizing the most current research data available.

All measures are taken to protect the unaffected tissues near your treatment field (heart and lungs). A plan tailored for your body will be created just for you. Once your treatment begins, you will see your doctor weekly. The main side effects of breast radiation include skin changes and fatigue. Your radiation oncology team members (physician, resident physician, nurses, RN, MS and radiation therapists) are available to help you through your treatment and answer any questions that may come up during your care.

Many other services are available to the patients receiving care at UCSF. These services include movement classes, art therapy, educational lectures and nutrition counseling. Most services are provided free of charge. Please ask about our services! We are happy to be involved in your total care.

breast cancer

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