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Types of Treatments

Total Body Irradiation (TBI)

UCSF Medical Center and the Department of Radiation Oncology are committed to providing outstanding care for patients receiving total body irradiation (TBI). The department has more than 20 years of experience delivering this treatment to its patients. TBI is available at both our Parnassus and Mission Bay campuses. UCSF is a leading institution in both bone marrow transplant and TBI.

UCSF has pioneered a new technique combining 3D imaging and modulated arc planning, which allows patients to lie comfortably during the procedure, instead of sitting or standing as has been the case at many other hospitals. Our technique has been implemented for several years and no patient since the implementation has needed to stop treatment. In addition, the technique improves the quality of dose distribution and allows for more accurate blocking of healthy tissues.

Published studies on TBI by the UCSF Radiation Oncology faculty: 

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Total Body Irradiation Team

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