Bruce Faddegon

Bruce Faddegon

Bruce Faddegon, Ph.D., FCCPM, FAAPM

Division of Physics
Department of Radiation Oncology

University of California, San Francisco
Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center
Box 1708, 1600 Divisadero St., H1031
San Francisco, CA 94115
Voice: (415) 353-7195
Fax: (415) 353-9883
Email: bruce.faddegon[at]

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Professional Focus

Dr. Faddegon’s research goal is to improve accuracy and precision in radiotherapy through cost-effective solutions to improve the therapeutic ratio. This will allow for more aggressive treatment in sites where side effects, local control, and even metastases are a problem. The National Institute of Health (NIH) has fully funded Dr. Faddegon's project to help establish Monte Carlo, a highly accurate method of radiation transport, as a critical tool in radiotherapy, including treatment planning. Related projects include adding electrons to intensity-modulated radiotherapy with x-rays, using Monte Carlo methods for dose calculation, and establishing fast means of dose calculation for depth penetration and output calculation using the accurate beam models developed for the NIH project. Dr. Faddegon is also working to establish image-guided radiotherapy with portal imaging for more precise targeting of tumors and avoidance of critical structures.

Dr. Faddegon’s clinical responsibility is physics support of linear accelerators (linacs). This includes management, installation, commissioning, maintenance and quality assurance (QA), along with supervision of engineers and physicists. At UCSF, Dr. Faddegon commissioned Total Body Irradiation on several linacs, developing the means to treat the whole body over a short distance (3 meters). He also developed new targets to resolve a water leakage problem, implemented high precision graticules for patient localization, commissioned a missing tissue compensator system, and determined the means to detect and correct defective circuitry he discovered in treatments using virtual wedges. He is currently working on implementing a new, more accurate and efficient system for electron output calculation. He routinely consults for Intraoperative Radiotherapy, special procedures, electron treatment, and dose calculation in complex treatments including those where dose delivery is influenced by air cavities, bone, and prosthesis.


1977 University of Victoria, BC, Canada BS Physics
1983 University of Victoria, BC, Canada MS Physics (radiobiology)
1986-90 Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada Ph.D. Physics

Professional Experience

2010-present UCSF Professor in Residence Radiation Oncology
2000-2010 UCSF Associate Professor in Residence Radiation Oncology
2002-present Joint UCSF/UC-Berkeley Bioengineering Department Faculty Member  
1998-2000 Toronto-Sunnybrook Cancer Center Senior Medical Physicist Radiation Oncology
1994-1998 Toronto-Sunnybrook Cancer Center Medical Physicist Radiation Oncology
1992-1993 BC Cancer Agency, Vancouver Medical Physicist Radiation Oncology
1990-1992 National Research Council of Canada Research Associate Standards
1984-1986 Ottawa Regional Cancer Center, Ontario Junior Medical Physicist Radiation Oncology
1982-1984 University of Victoria, Victoria, BC Lecturer, Lab Instructor Physics
1977-1980 Amoco Canada, Calgary, Alberta Geophysicist Exploration

Awards & Honors

1973 BC government undergraduate scholarship, first year, University of Victoria
1980 National Science and Engineering Research Council scholarship, MSc
1982 National Science and Engineering Research Council scholarship, PhD (declined)
1986 Ontario Cancer Foundation fellowship, PhD, Carleton University
1988 Ontario Graduate Scholarships, PhD, Carleton University
1989 AAPM Young Investigator's Award, Second Prize
1991 Farrington Daniels Award
1992 Runner-up to Sylvia Fedoruk Prize
1997 Runner-up to Sylvia Fedoruk Prize


Recent Significant Publications :

Faddegon BA, Shin J, Castenada CM, Ramos-Méndez J, Daftari IK., Experimental depth dose curves of a 67.5 MeV proton beam for benchmarking and validation of Monte Carlo simulation. Med Phys. 2015 Jul;42(7):4199-210. doi: 10.1118/1.4922501.

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