Michael Zhang, MD, PhD

Michael Zhang

Educational Background

Radiation Oncology Residency, University of California, San Francisco (2017-2021)

Preliminary Surgery Internship, University of Washington (2016-2017)

M.D., University of Washington (2016)

Ph.D., University of Washington (2015)

B.S., Chemical Engineering, Stanford University (2006)

Awards & Honors

Poncin Fellowship (2014)

Abstract Achievement Award, American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting (2013)

Travel Fellowship, 6th International Congress on Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome (2011)

T32 Genetic Approaches to Aging Training Grant, National Institute of Aging (2011)

Corser Endowed Fellowship Award (2008)

Outstanding Performance Award, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2007)

Academic Achievement Award in Chemical Engineering, Stanford University (2006)

Selected Publications and Abstracts

Burwick N, Zhang MY, de la Puente P, Azab AK, Hyun TS, Ruiz-Gutierrez M, Sanchez-Bonilla M, Nakamura T, Delrow JJ, MacKay VL, Shimamura A. The eIF2-alpha kinase HRI is a novel therapeutic target in multiple myeloma. Leukemia Research. 2017. 55, p. 23-32.

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Zhang MY, Churpek JE, Keel SB, Walsh T, Lee MK, Loeb KR, Gulsuner S, Pritchard CC, Sanchez-Bonilla M, Delrow JJ, Basom RS, Forouhar M, Gyurkocza B, Schwartz BS, Neistadt B, Marquez R, Mariani CJ, Coats SA, Hofmann I, Lindsley RC, Williams DA, Abkowitz JL, Horwitz MS, King MC, Godley LA, Shimamura A. Germline ETV6 mutations in familial thrombocytopenia and hematologic malignancy. Nature Genetics. 2015. 47(2), 180–185.

Zhang MY, Keel SB, Walsh T, Lee MK, Gulsuner S, Watts AC, Pritchard CC, Salipante SJ, Jeng MR, Hofmann I, Williams DA, Fleming MD, Abkowitz JL, King MC, Shimamura A. Genomic analysis of bone marrow failure and myelodysplastic syndromes reveals phenotypic and diagnostic complexity. Haematologica. 2015. 100(1), 42–48.

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