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University of California San Francisco

Roadmap to Treatment

Treating the whole you

Schedule Initial Consultation

Fill in your Patient Paperwork and send your completed paperwork to RadOncNewPatient@ucsf.edu or fax to (415) 353-9883 or bring the complete forms with you to your new patient consultation. For more information check out General New patient Requirements.

Consult with your RadiationOncology Team

Check in at the reception desk and they will take a photo (from your shoulders up) of you that will be used to make you an identification card. Most importantly at this visit, a UCSF faculty physician and a resident physician will consult with you for a few hours and evaluate your case, perform a physical examination and discuss potential treatment options with you.

Prep for Your Treatment

Several days after the consultation, your radiation oncologist and a radiation therapist will conduct a treatment simulation. Together they will outline your exact treatment areas, take CT images and if necessary create cradles or casts to ensure that you maintain your exact position during treatment.

Receive Your Identification Card

At your simulation visit, you will receive an identification card that will allow for easy check-in for your treatments and radiation oncology appointments.

Come in For Treatment

The actual treatments will start several days after the simulation. The number of treatments and the length of treatment will vary depending on your case. It is very important that you receive all of the treatments that your physician prescribes, even if you are feeling better.

Feeling During Treatments

You will not be able to see or feel the radiation beam and there is no pain involved in the actual delivery of treatment. You will be the sole occupant in the treatment room for several minutes however you are not alone and will be in constant contact via television. During your treatment we encourage you to continue your usual daily activities.

timerAllocate Some Time

Each treatment takes 30-45 minutes however, occasionally there may be unforeseen delays. Your patience and understanding are appreciated.

Follow-up Appointments

You will be scheduled for follow-up appointments and any subsequent radiology examinations. These will be scheduled at the reception area upon completion of your treatment, or your doctor’s office will reach out to you directly.

Questions at Night or Over a Weekend

A physician is always available on call to help you at night or on weekends.

If you have an urgent problem after hours, call 415 353-8900.

The operator will be able to contact a UCSF on-call physician. In case of emergency, call 911. When you get to the hospital emergency room, be sure to let the emergency room staff know that you are currently receiving radiation at UCSF.

Redefining Possible