Program Information

Radiation Oncology residents at UCSF rotate through Mt. Zion Medical Center and Moffitt/Long Hospital. By car or by shuttle, they are within approximately 20 minutes of each other. Exposure to the combination of varied attending staff and diversified clinical exposure at these sites contributes enormously to the breadth and depth of education of our residents. As a result, our residents have the opportunity to study areas of radiation oncology which may not all be available elsewhere, including Gamma Knife radiosurgery, intraoperative radiotherapy, high-dose rate brachytherapy, permanent brachytherapy, and intensity modulated radiotherapy.


 Application Process

•  Rotation

•  Learning Experience / Didactics​

•  Salary & Benefits​

•  Housestaff Manual​

•  Rotation Goals and Objectives​

•  Training Program Policies​

°  Eligibility Recruitment and Selection
°  Duty Hours in the Learning and Working Environment and Fatigue
°  Evaluation and Promotion
°  Moonlighting
°  Radiation Oncology Leave
°  Discipline Dismissal
°  Discipline Non-Dismissal
°  Supervision
°  Communication
°  Transitions of Care and Handoffs